Personal branding requires introspection, but more importantly, careful messaging. That’s where I come in.

Your personal brand should be reflected consistently across all job search and application activities. This includes your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile and even the most basic email communication. 

As a marketing copywriter, I use creative writing to promote well-known corporate brands every day. I can help you strengthen your personal and professional brand through the written word, while supporting you in your job search.


Can't find the right words?

Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right words to tell employers who you are and why they should hire you. If you’re having trouble getting words on the page or need an extra set of eyes, I can help. Contact me today for wordsmithing assistance.

You're unique!

How do your experience, skills and accomplishments make you unique? My passion is helping job seekers tell their brand stories by choosing the right words. I love hearing what inspires job applicants and what they truly want to achieve in life.


Personal branding isn't something you just do once. Just as your career continues to evolve, so does your personal brand. If you think you've hit a blank wall, let me help you! Get in touch today and let’s get started!

Let's communicate

The way you write your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and job emails represents your actual communication skills you could bring to the table in a new position. Keep your personal branding consistent, tell an intriguing story and soon you’ll be catching recruiters’ attention. Don’t leave important career communications to chance. Contact me today!

Become a storyteller

Getting to know your brand story actually helps you get to know yourself better, giving you the confidence you need to succeed in job applications and also in-person interviews. While I can’t promise you’ll get every job you apply for, I can promise I’ll help you do your best to make yourself known to employers, while enhancing and evolving your digital brand presence.


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