With pressure to get into a great school, and application deadlines right around the corner, it's not unusual to think about asking for help with those dreaded college essays.  

Behind your grades, test scores and your extracurricular list, exists an individual. Deep down within, or maybe right at the surface, there's a story waiting to be told. Not just words, but opinions, reflections, personal beliefs and your outlook on life.

Your big idea is around the corner. I’m here to spark your imagination. Together, we'll find your story so you can tell schools who you really are.  I'll help you dig. And delve. And plow through all your college essays. First impressions count - you MUST stand out from the crowd, so let's make your essays SHINE!


Where do I come in? As a marketing copywriter for many years, I have a knack for words that make a splash and compelling ideas that embed themselves in people’s brains.

I know how to engage a reader and can teach students many of the tricks I have up my sleeve. Copywriters usually use words to promote products/services, but as an essay coach, I will help you use words to promote YOURSELF.

How I can help...

Coming up with an idea for a college essay is often the hardest part of the application process. But it is a wonderful opportunity for a student to demonstrate their creativity and writing ability.

What I do best is help students tell a memorable personal brand story to give their essays an edge on the competition. If they don't know what their brand story is, I can certainly help them discover it and develop it, quickly.

Where to start?

We’ll start by discussing the essay requirements for each school and the progress that's been made. I can then tailor a timeline to get the essays to the level that needs to be reached.

Whether it's picking a topic, writing an outline, or just a final proof, I'm here to help! I can help finesse current drafts and also lead constructive brainstorms if they're stuck on a topic. Plus, I have extensive proofreading experience.

You're busy.

I totally get it. Let’s meet online. We can chat on Skype or Google Hangout. Additionally, I use the simple “track changes” feature in Microsoft Word for all feedback and editing. I charge by the hour and offer various essay packages. More than one essay? No problem - that’s typical! I offer discounts for extra essays, plus early bird specials and rush pricing. 

Applications are strenuous.

I can make the essay writing process productive and more relaxed with content organization, persistence with multiple drafts and help choosing the right words (that aren't straight out of the SAT vocab prep book). Together, we will brainstorm, evaluate thoughts, restructure, clarify, tighten, refocus, add excitement, make words pop, and EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.

You need 1-on-1 attention. 

With my advice, you'll be sealing envelopes and mailing apps in no time. While I can’t guarantee entrance, I promise to offer the best guidance to help students find their voices and complete essays triumphantly. I provide extensive feedback, quick and reliable communications, criticism that’s actually constructive, and a whole lot of enthusiasm. 

Don’t wait until the last minute! The essays won’t write themselves... stop stressing and feel confident hitting “send” on your applications. Get in touch today and let’s get started!

(If you’re looking for assistance with K-12 essay basics, college papers or grad school applications, I can help you, too. Let’s connect today.)


Students I've helped have been accepted to: Columbia University, John's Hopkins University, George Washington University, Boston College Law, Virginia Tech, Michigan State University, George Mason University Law, Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business, University of Virginia - Darden School of Business, NYU Stern School of Business, AND MORE!



College-level Essays

"I counted on Liza to edit ALL of my college essays and projects. Not only was Liza able to help with standard grammar and spelling, she was able to help me organize my thoughts and give me insightful direction on even my longest papers. Liza is the best!" - J.H.

College Applications

"It is simple enough to get a second set of eyes to review a college essay for grammatical errors. What is difficult is finding someone with the ability to dig deeper into the content. This is where Liza became conducive in fine tuning my personal essays for veterinary college admissions. Her suggestions assisted in effectively communicating my ambitions while exemplifying my personal character." - A.A.

Grad School Applications

"Liza edited my admissions essays for three top business schools: NYU Stern, UVA Darden, and Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business, and not only did I get into all three, but was offered multiple academic scholarships based on my application content. I knew what I wanted to write about, but Liza helped me craft my story so that I was able to clearly communicate my ideas in a professional, yet creative, fashion. I know that Liza's help was a huge component of my success rate, and I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with their writing, whether content- or style-related." - C.C.

"Liza was instrumental in helping me create a solid application package when I applied to law school in 2010. Not only was she able to make basic grammar edits, but she helped me keep my essays focused, concise, and unique. She promptly returned written feedback and was easily accessible to discuss suggested revisions. Law school applications spiked to an all time high in 2010, with many schools receiving 50% more applications than usual. Thanks to Liza's assistance, I gained admission to my first choice, top tier law school that had an 18% acceptance rate in 2010." - E.O. 

"I used Liza to proofread my graduate school application for John's Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Her work was outstanding and resulted in many important and substantive changes to my final drafts. Her efforts were instrumental to my acceptance into the program.  I will be sure to use her services again and recommend her to my friends." - P.S.